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Vegan Wholewheat Spaghetti Bolognese

Protein packed vegan spaghetti bolognese with vegan mince and mushrooms. If you don’t already have a go to bolognese recipe, this ones for you. Or maybe you do, but you should definitely try it anyway. Made with vegan mince and mushrooms for that meaty texture and cooked in a rich tomatoey red wine sauce. Need …

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Spicy Butternut, Coconut + Pearl Barley Soup

Autumn for me is all about warming, hearty dishes that fill your tummy with love. Which is what this butternut and pearl barley soup is all about! Stews, curries, casseroles, pasta and soup! I often forget to make soup (I don’t know why when it’s all over my feed!) but when I do they need …

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Sun-dried Tomato, Spinach and Mixed Nut Roast

Nut roasts may be a typical vegetarian dish which is often thought of as bland but what’s not to love? I usually throw a whole load of ingredients in and hope for the best but I’ve made this one a few times now and the flavour combinations just work perfectly. Sun-dried tomatoes can make most …

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Lentil + Courgette Shepherd’s Pie

Comforting and healthy lentil and courgette shepherd’s pie with white and sweet potato cheesy mash! How did it get to September already? I swear it was only July last week and Christmas a few months ago?! Not that I’m complaining, Christmas is probably my favourite time of the year. And if you follow me on …

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Spicy Chickpea & Black Bean Burgers

In my opinion, it should be National Burger Day every day of the year. Smoky, spicy vegan ones to be exact. The chickpeas and black beans are the perfect base and the mushrooms add that ‘meaty’ texture. This recipe is so easy and uses ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen (they are always …

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