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Maple Roasted Carrot Soup

This super easy yet delicious maple roasted carrot soup is a cosy winter warmer. Serve with your favourite crusty bread and you’ve got the perfect lunch treat. With roasted carrots tossed in maple syrup that go perfectly caramelised blended with sauteed onion, garlic, vegetable stock and some spice. It makes for a super creamy velvety …

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Creamy Sweet Potato and Wild Rice Soup

This creamy sweet potato and wild rice soup with kale is the perfect winter warmer! Packed with veggies and flavour it’s filling, vegan and so comforting! If you’re looking for a creamy chunky soup this one is for you! Cubed sweet potato, chewy wild rice and shredded kale come together in a creamy coconut broth. …

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Sweet Potato and Coconut Curry Soup

One pot sweet potato and coconut curry soup that’s perfect for the onset of cold autumn weather! With only a handful of ingredients this sweet potato soup comes together in just 40 minutes! It’s also naturally vegan and gluten free! There are many recipes that sweet potato is great for (it features a lot on …

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Roasted Garlic and Parsnip Soup

Creamy, nutty and sweet roasted garlic and parsnip soup with caramelised onions. Seasonal parsnips are roasted and blended in this delicious winter warmer soup! This soup is super simple and only requires a few ingredients. Parsnips aren’t just for roasts – they are great in soups, stews and curries! Garlic and parsnip compliment each other …

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