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Sun-dried Tomato, Spinach and Mixed Nut Roast

Festive sun dried tomato, spinach and mixed nut roast! The perfect centrepiece for a vegan Christmas feast! Nut roasts may be a typical vegetarian dish which is often thought of as bland but what’s not to love? I usually throw a whole load of ingredients in and hope for the best but I’ve made this …

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Lentil + Courgette Shepherd’s Pie

Comforting and healthy lentil and courgette shepherd’s pie with white and sweet potato cheesy mash! How did it get to September already? I swear it was only July last week and Christmas a few months ago?! Not that I’m complaining, Christmas is probably my favourite time of the year. And if you follow me on …

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Spicy Chickpea & Black Bean Burgers

The most delicious spicy bean burgers with chickpeas and black beans. Packed with flavour and texture and perfect for summer! If you’re looking for a vegan burger recipe, I’ve got you covered. These burgers pack a punch and you can control the spiciness depending how you like it! Black beans are my favourite type of …

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